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The “Audition” & Saying Yes to ACFN


I didn’t decide that I really wanted to do Fight Night until a few days before the last audition. When I asked Terri what a boxing audition was like (just so I’d be prepared), she said something along the lines of: “Just signing some paperwork, in your case.” She’d seen me in the gym for a couple of months by then and already had a feel for what I could and couldn’t do.

So on the 17th of March, after a boxing fitness class and a sparring session, I went to the audition. As promised, I signed papers stating my interest and that I understood certain things about ACFN. I also gave information about myself such as my height, weight, contact info and the like. I was able to get more specific details about the show and ask any questions I had.

That was all there was to it. Even though I didn’t have to demonstrate any skill, this “audition” was important to me because I transitioned from “Maybe I’ll do a fight night show…” to “Please pick me for ACFN 5!” Since I started coming to DBC, Terri had been saying that I’d be in the next show. I always just smiled and shrugged my shoulders because I wasn’t sure about that. Well, at the audition, I decided that I was sure: I wanted to fight.


I came to DBC thinking that I wanted to box for fitness, rather than participate in boxing as a sport. However, the way I began to see it, boxing for fitness was like writing a letter without mailing it. Why learn the techniques of punching or gain the fitness to go for several rounds without ever intending to use those skills? I want to take what I’m learning and put it into practice.

At least, I’m convinced that I do. I haven’t actually had a fight, yet—and that’s where ACFN comes in. I recently filled out a questionnaire that asked me why I want to do ACFN, so I took some time to think about it. I did this thinking after I had already signed the contract, so it’s possible that this is all the result of an impulsive decision.

First of all, it seemed like an exciting thing to do. I took up boxing with a “why not?” attitude, and that’s how I approached this show, at first. Why wouldn’t I do it? It seemed like a fun opportunity to add more boxing to my life. That must be a good thing.

Furthermore, it was for a good cause—in fact, any good cause that I chose. I knew instantly that I wanted to choose a charity that helps children because that’s where my heart is. My heart is also currently in boxing, so ACFN is a good way to bring the two together.

Finally, I chose to participate in ACFN because I want to box more! I want the competition. I want to test myself in the ring, to see what I’m made of when it comes down to me and my opponent (and the nerves and the pressure of people watching).  Will I keep my composure or freak out? Will I decide that one amateur fight was enough or hunger for more? These questions will be answered in about eight weeks. Until then, I’m putting in my time at the gym, trying to write a really good letter to mail off on June 7th.

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