One Year of Boxing

Happy Anniversary to me!!! It’s been exactly one year since I started boxing, to the day. “January 4th? That sounds like a new year’s resolution,” you say. But I don’t do those. I took a free trial class in mid-December 2011 and knew right away that I wanted to sign up, but I was about to go out of town for a couple of weeks. When I got back, I started boxing. I can’t imagine not boxing, now.

I’ve gotten a few nosebleeds, some black eyes, been clocked and poured out gallons of sweat in the gym. I’m not pretending that this is normal for many people… but it has been awesome.

Here are 12 things boxing taught me this year:

  1. To get hit in the head, and still keep going.
  2. To keep going.
  3. To take a break when needed, and then keep going.
  4. But I do need to learn when to rest.
  5. That my goals need to be focused and realistic.
  6. That my dreams need to be big and great.
  7. Sleep is important, because you can’t run on empty.
  8. Food is important, too. I learned that I can train for five hundred hours per week, but still maintain (or gain) weight if I eat too much of the wrong stuff.
  9. Even when I start to think I’ve gotten something down, it can still be improved.
  10. Therefore, I can’t rely on my own view of myself. I need outside (objective) input to give me some perspective.
  11. Attitude is almost everything, meaning that the mental game is key. (I’m still trying to figure this out. I used to think physical skill/strength counted for everything.)
  12. When someone asks how much you weigh, it isn’t a personal question—it’s completely normal!

This only scratches at the surface of how my life has changed. It’s only been one year, but there’ll be many more. What will I learn in 2013? Here’s to another year of boxing. I hope to get in plenty of fights (starting with the one in 20 days!), improve my form, increase my endurance… and have fun!

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7 responses to “One Year of Boxing

  1. Happy anniversary! Enjoy the next year of boxing.

  2. I love this post! Great learnings here, and so much insight into the boxing life. I enjoyed the emphasis on “keep going.” So true!

    • Thanks! Sometimes I can feel like I’ve understood the “keep going” thing, but there’s almost always that moment of: “Wow, I need to stand here for a minute to catch my breath.” Don’t do it! (Until the bell rings.)

  3. Just found your blog! Yea! Am new to boxing (recreational) but am loving every minute. I have subbed your blog. Do you facebook?

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