Fight for Dreams: Raising Funds for a Gym

Fight for Dreams is one boxing community’s initiative to raise money for a new gym in Atlanta to serve as a home for Corporate Fight Night.

I’ve got some exciting news: Corporate Fight Night is raising funds for its own gym in Atlanta. The goal is to raise $10,000 in order to make a down payment on a new home. If you already think this is awesome, please click on over to the Fight for Dreams page on Indiegogo to contribute to the cause. You can find more details there about why CFN needs a gym and you can see how close we are to meeting our goal.

Note: Why “CFN” and not “ACFN”? Future plans for Corporate Fight Night include promoting shows in other cities—not just Atlanta.

Why am I thrilled about this? As I wrote in my testimonial for the page, I really think that Corporate Fight Night is a great way to step into the world of boxing. That’s where I got my first fight—on a show geared toward a combination of fighting and entertainment. The bout was real and tough, but the whole night was festive and fun. My second fight took place in a completely different atmosphere. At the tournament, the single focus of every minute was competition. People looking around, sizing each other up, waiting for their turns, figuring who they’ll fight next if they win…

Both fights were tough in the ring, but everything surrounding them was different. Let me first say that I loved both experiences. I enjoyed the fun, classy style of ACFN, but I also enjoyed the focus on competition in the tournament. As an aspiring amateur boxer, I want competition. Here’s the thing, though: if I hadn’t had the experience of CFN first, I think the experience of the tournament would have been entirely overwhelming and discouraging.

Why? What is it about CFN that made it the perfect starting point for me? First of all, it gave me the chance to box someone who was a good match for me, rather than going up against someone completely unknown at a tournament. Being matched up ahead of time eliminated some uncertainty, which helped me focus on what I was preparing for.  Then there was the period of preparation itself. Having the show as a point in the not-too-distant future was motivating for my training. It kept me excited because I knew it was going to be my night.

It was. It was each competitor’s night, win or lose, because we were all celebrated. That’s it: celebration. CFN isn’t about determining who the best up-and-coming boxer is. It isn’t about defeating anyone. It’s about celebrating who you are and what you have accomplished in a short time. That’s a self-esteem boost that tournaments don’t offer. So, for those who want an experience of what real boxing is like, Corporate Fight Night fulfills that criterion. The key is that CFN provides a friendly and festive atmosphere.

(I’m not saying that the world of tournaments is scary and mean. It just isn’t their job to pat you on the back. Their function is to provide boxing competition for a large number of boxers.)

I’m grateful that my first fight was a positive experience, and I’m excited for all the people who will fight on CFN in the future. That isn’t the only reason for being excited about the possibility of a new gym, though. More than serve as a home base for CFN, it is the logical next step in Terri Moss’ career. I honestly believe that CFN can change your life, but that impact pales in comparison to what Terri accomplishes on a daily basis with her boxers.

Boxing is life for Terri. She’s the one you want to teach you how to box. In addition to being a great boxer herself, she knows how to train others. She knows how to get you to the next level and what it is that you need to do to make it happen. Whether you’re looking for fitness, amateur or pro boxing, she’ll get you there. She is invested in your success with the sport, which is why I will always want her in my corner.

Maybe that’s her job. But Terri goes above and beyond this. She invests in you as a boxer, but she also cares about you as a person. She wants to see you succeed—not just in the ring, but with whatever you’re doing. She wants you to be confident and strong and happy. I’ve only known this lady since January, but it feels like we’ve been family forever. She has done a lot for me, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. She deserves a gym of her own.

If you’re at all interested in boxing, this is a way to contribute to the sport—especially if you’re local. If you’re not interested in boxing, but interested in me, please help us get a new gym started because that’ll be my new second home. If you’re not at all interested, please consider giving (even a small amount) for the sake of giving.

If you check out the right side of the campaign page, you can see what perks you can get for donating, including but not limited to: personal training, t-shirts, gym memberships, tickets to the next CFN show, and more. (Heck, you can buy a spot on an upcoming show.) In addition to any of those perks, you’ll feel good that you helped out. :)

So, please donate! And, hey, if you ever want to try out this boxing thing… just set up a free trial class. That’s what I did, and I knew right away that it’d be worth my money. (You know it was.)

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