Sparring Week

Lstopwatchast week was the final week of training and it was intense. We sparred almost every day, whereas I had previously never sparred two days in a row. This was a treat because I love sparring, but it was also incredibly taxing.

The gym was closed on Monday for Memorial Day, so I went for a short run. After warming up for about two miles and a half, I alternated sprinting with slow jogging on the track at my college. I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t! My thigh muscles were pretty sore the next day.

On Tuesday, I sparred four rounds with two different boxers. I felt pretty good–it wasn’t the best sparring I’d ever done, but I was holding my own well enough. I can definitely see that I’ve made progress since I first started sparring.

On Wednesday, I sparred three rounds, but it felt like twice as much. I was tired. I got frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t get inside to land a punch to save my life, and I kept getting caught in the face. I went home feeling down.

I had recovered my spirits by Thursday and sparred three rounds again. We had Friday off, and then sparred again on Saturday (three more rounds). Really, the week was a blur of sparring and mixed feelings. Sometimes I felt like I was showing what I was made of (in a good way), and sometimes I felt like I had chucked all skill out the window. What remained pretty consistent was my desire to make the last week count and my excitement about the fight.

Leaving the gym on Saturday, I couldn’t believe that Fight Night was so close. It was weird to think that I wouldn’t be walking back into the gym in a couple of days. Nope, my orders were to go home and rest with my feet up for the next three days. Can do!

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4 responses to “Sparring Week

  1. What an intense week! Good luck with Fight Night!

  2. You’ve been busy! Hope you show what you are “made of (in a good way)” tomorrow in the ring. :-) No matter what the result, you are made of some pretty fine stuff!

  3. To Erin, a very belated thank you for the good wishes! :)

    To Mom, you are the absolute best and better to me than I could ask for!

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